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Halloween fun for all ages at Uncharted Realities October 1 - 31

Adults can try our Halloween Horror Pass $29 - Experience terror like never before! Featuring our hand-selected experiences designed to instill fear and dread into the hearts of even the bravest thrill seekers!

Kids can try our Creeper Pass $29 - Halloween themed kid-friendly experiences designed to be spooky & fun!

Do you have what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse? Then come down and show off your skills in our 2nd annual Zombie Survival Showdown. You and a partner will face the undead in a chance to prove that you are the ultimate corpse killers!  Win bragging rights as well as a cash prize! Entry fee is $15 per person.  The Showdown runs Oct. 1 thru Oct. 31.

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